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    A Multidisciplinary Designer & Art Director
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    A Decade's Worth of
    A Multidisciplinary Designer & Art Director
who am i

I'm a multidisciplinary designer, based in Dhaka, who loves clean, simple & unique design. I also enjoy crafting brand identities & illustration work.

When I'm not working, I'm usually found playing video games, reading tech related stuff and enjoying stories over coffee. I'm also a learning father, not sure if being a designer is tougher or being a dad.

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awesome projects
my work
logo & branding
3d modeling
content creation
Digital Art

Photography / Art Direction


Photography / Art Direction


what can I offer?
  • UI & Web Design

    Online presence is as important as offline

  • Logo & Branding

    The very source of life of every business

  • Social Media Marketing

    Reach millions with the right marketing elements

  • Web Development

    CMS, Front-end, Back-end... You name it

  • Clothing & Gift Design

    We are made to be unique

  • Private Lessons

    Learn graphic design and other visual arts

good read
my blog
What is a Creative Block?

Simply put, a creative block, is a process where a person’s creativity comes to a momentary halt—preventing him/her from thinking outside the box.

EMPLOYMENT The Inevitable Fall

In my nine years working in the creative industry, I’ve seen a lot of shit go down. One of them, is seeing Titanic hitting an iceberg.

29 Sep, 2018 READ MORE
TECH What's Inside My Rig?

Those who know me, usually ask me what’s inside that black box sitting next to my desk? In other words, what parts am I using in...

20 Feb, 2019 READ MORE
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Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Premiere Pro

Cinema 4D

Marvelous Designer


Adobe Audition

Other skills consist of Adobe XD, FL Studio, photography and HTML/CSS.

people who love me

What I liked about Mustafa, is him being a visionary person.

Given the circumstances, I would gladly hire him again.

Mohammad Maaz

Director, KAI Bangladesh

He's my go-to designer!

A man of his word, under-promised and over-delivered.

Lara Wehbe

Digital Marketing Manager, Samsung Dubai

He's one of those guys who just understands things before you finish talking.

God bless you, man!

Owen Rickettes

CEO, New York Party Central