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Like the rest of the people on this God’s green earth (once upon a time, that is), I travel everyday. My daily commutes take me to my office and bring me right back home. While engaging in these little travels, I get to feast my eyes upon a plethora of different things–ranging from lines, shapes and polygons to shades of various colors. I often wonder… What if this object were taller, or that object were yellow instead of blue and all sorts of useless crap (like the roads of Dhaka city). However, these little sights have much to offer and serve really well as inspirations–like how my colleagues and I went to Chai Walah (a restaurant) today and my observations helped me find the right font for a project that was at hand.

There’s a lot of beauty around, if you can see it with an open heart…

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Mustafa is a multidisciplinary designer with a decade's worth of experience in the industry. Passionate about design, video games and some other stuff including coffee and cats.

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  1. Redwan says:

    You are a rebel and I respect and appreciate your views and vision, never change!

    1. Mustafa says:

      Thank you, bro. Remember to keep me in check, if I should forget.

  2. Tameem says:

    Imagination is the key.

    1. Mustafa says:

      True story, bro.

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