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What Is A Creative Block?

Simply put, a creative block, is a process where a person’s creativity comes to a momentary halt—preventing him/her from thinking outside the box. This particular issue is faced by many people in (or outside of) the creative industry and is considered the bane of a creative person’s existence.

This often leaves a creative person completely devastated, especially when there’s a deadline to meet. Different people react differently to this occurrence, some begin to doubt their skills, while others may feel miserably undermined and start looking like these sad potatoes below.

Four Potatoes Mourning the Death of Creativity

A Simple Fix

It has been observed by many professionals and myself, that a simple thing like, a walk outside, or singing Mary had a little lamb while throwing some sick dance moves (you never know what might work), or maybe having a cup of coffee/tea in the balcony (if you have one, that is) usually fixes this. The whole point of these actions is to stop what you’re doing and shift your focus to something completely irrelevant to what you were doing. This, of course, may sound odd to some, but is actually true and people have gotten results.

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