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Fake Graphic Designer?

We live in an era where technology dominates everything, and graphic design is no exception. Where there’s good, there’s evil! In some cases though, evil is more common than good – like the population of Bangladesh. So among this population, are people who have been afflicted by some kind of paranoia that makes them believe that they’re graphic designers. Here’s a list of 6 things, that let’s you separate the real from the fake.

#1 – The Missing Portfolio

If you ask them for a portfolio, you probably will see some bread crumbs laying here and there, apparently because no one trusted them with real work.

#2 –

They think there’s glory in copying other artists’ works and blame it all on efficiency, time and deadline.

#3 – Bad Color Taste

The shitty red and green are all over the place, probably because you can’t be a good human being without being a patriot.

#4 – Illiteracy

They can’t spell more than 10 words of English, let alone the terms that relate and largely contribute to graphic design. They think as long as they memorize the tools, they’re good to go.

#5 – This One’s My Favorite

If you ask them the definition of graphic design, their reply is highly likely to be Photoshop and Illustrator. In some cases, Quark Express (yes, that ancient and outdated software).

#6 – Font

They will flood their PC with thousands of random fonts instead of maintaining sets of collection. What they don’t realize, is the fact that having thousands of fonts installed on a machine affects its performance, especially Adobe apps.

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