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Building A PC in 2018 (April)

Most of us rely on computers these days (at least the one’s working). Having a PC is no big deal these days, but having a PC that doesn’t belong in a museum, is what matters. Many of us would say, building a PC nowadays would be a stupid move, as most PC parts’ prices are on the rise and don’t seem to be coming down anytime soon. Thanks to cryptocurrencies for their contribution.


I see a lot of people running after cheap ass builds to save money, and then not only regret, but also get crushed while trying to look cool when trying to sell it off. You don’t be wanna be like them boys, trust me!

The best way to get more bang for your buck, is to future-proof your build. What’s that you say? How to future-proof? The nature of this article demands, that you don’t question, just read ahead—follow the steps and you’ll thank me someday… Eventually.


Rule #1

Stop your bitch ass from looking at cheap motherboards with half-assed support for the proper hardware. Go for Asus or ASRock—nothing less than 6th gen boards (one that supports 7th gen processor as well). Has to have at least one M.2 slot (gen 3×4), for them fast NVMe SSD’s. Has support for faster RAM sticks, such as 2400 to 3200 Mhz and above. Need multiple USB 3.0 ports, best if it has USB Type-C port and built-in WiFi.



Rule #2

We need SSD (Solid State Drive)! A 250 GB will do the job, but I recommend 512 GBThe larger it’s storage, the better it’s performance. That’s SSD for you, right there. The idea is to use it solely for the OS, and a handful of frequently used apps. For everything else, we need a 1 TB HDD, the most valued brand would Western Digital (WD).




Rule #3

Aah, for some reason, this one reminds me of Daft Punk. RAM or Random Access Memory sticks are very important when it comes to running apps and shit. So make sure you get 128 GB of RAM. Hah! Got you… You should’ve seen your face! Just kidding, 8 GB will do the job (16 GB is recommended for graphic designers and 32 GB for video editors), anything less than that qualifies you to be an asshole. Two 4 GB sticks will perform slightly better than one 8 GB stick, if the XMP feature is turned on in your UEFI/BIOS settings. Last but not least, I would suggest DDR5, but we only have DDR4 as the latest, so you know.


Rule #4

Graphics Card! If you’re into heavy games such as GTA 5, Assassin’s Creed Origins and Witcher 3, then you don’t wanna mess around with GT series cards. Trust me, the GT series belongs either in Louvre or inside the pyramids. What you want is GTX, and not less than 1060. What’s that? Too expensive you say? If you can’t bear the heat, stay out of the kitchen, son. Might as well quit gaming and go live on the street or something!




All other parts pretty much make no major difference, except the monitor. If you’re a gamer, go get an actual gaming monitor (120 Hz to 144 Hz), otherwise stick to average ones and complain about screen tears and this and that. Beware though, to afford a gaming monitor, you probably need to sell a kidney, an arm and a leg.

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