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Why I’m Quitting My Job

Some of you may know, that I work for a group of companies as a creative director in Dhaka. I joined here back in December, 2017. It’s been really wonderful so far, especially working with the crazy team of colleagues. I honestly enjoyed getting to know them and meeting them everyday. But here’s 5 good reasons why I’m quitting.


1. No Control

At the beginning of this business, I was promised some part of control over certain aspects, but as time passed, there was no such thing at all. All the decisions were being made by other people involved, whose competence in the industry I seriously doubt. My job is to direct the team I’m supposed to manage, but due to involvement of too many heads, my direction had no effect and caused a great deal of disturbance to the work flow. This not only undermines a person’s skills, but also highly demotivates the person.


2. Give More For Less

Working hours are from 10am to 6pm, but often I stayed till 8pm or even 10/11pm. 1 weekly off day. Which means, less time for my family. In 6 months of working there, I had only taken 1 sick leave, and a half day due to fever. The management doesn’t offer any transportation and lunch allowances, we have to spend for that from our pockets, yes, a good portion of our salaries gone… Poof!

I was to direct a team, help with graphic design, shoot product photos and edit them and pull off motion graphics projects. That’s 4 people’s job, in case you didn’t notice. But… I’m being paid 1 person’s salary. I even asked for a raise, provided legit reasons… Was given TK 3000 as a raise. Why I continued? Challenges make you grow and learn things you didn’t know before.


3. Frequent Last Minute Changes

Creativity is not a switch that you can flip and get results instantaneously, it takes a lot of time, inspiration and focus to draw new ideas. Often, hours of hard work are swept away with a broom of sudden new ideas that are no way in alignment with the concept at hand. In the creative industry, this is known as “the CEO button”. This not only ruins a design, but also affects the portfolio of a creative person.


4. Nothing Is Ever Fixed

It’s one thing today and another, tomorrow. It’s ridiculously difficult to make decisions based on these mood swings, that serve no valid improvement. If anything, they make easy tasks 50 times more challenging for no good reason at all.


5. Double Standards

Certain projects receive more attention, leverage and facilities than others. This only demotivated me, nothing else.



I’ve decided to accept a new challenge elsewhere without further wasting my time. Let’s hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

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Mustafa is a multidisciplinary designer with a decade's worth of experience in the industry. Passionate about design, video games and some other stuff including coffee and cats.

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  1. Bashar says:

    Did you find another job, mate? Enlighten us with the new experience. ?

    1. Sorry for the late response. Yes, I was able to find another one. The new experience isn’t going well so far, in my honest opinion. Let’s see though, will post a new update about my new challenges.

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