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Collect Samples & Disappear

There’s a new technique trending these days, where clients come to you and ask for a few samples for their logo, business card or whatever the hell it is they want from you. Right after you submit the samples, they disappear faster than Vin Diesel can shift gears. These assholes probably have some low life friend who can copy your creative work, so the end result is… you guessed it! You do all the heavy lifting and they get the trophy.

If you’re someone like me and seriously bothered by it (you should be bother anyways), you definitely need to follow this simple rule and avoid getting screwed over.


This sure is a difficult one, but definitely safer. Before you accept any kind of work and before you even begin work on the project, ask your client for some initial payment as security. This will not only prove the client’s seriousness but also reveal their commitment towards the project. If the client refuses to pay any initial amount, ditch them. Trust me, you’re better off without these blood sucking cheap assholes.


Take my advice, don’t sell your skills for cheap. It takes years of practice and patience to acquire these creative thought processes. Uphold your value and the value of everyone in the creative family. Learn to say ‘No’.

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