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Devaluation of Skills

We all know what happens to Romeo and Juliet, because of their magnetized yet unwanted relationship. Likewise, if you constantly devalue a person’s skills and expertise, he/she will not commit suicide for sure, but might make you do it.

I’m sure the term is self explanatory, but just to help understand this and it’s implications better, I’ll have to sit and write God knows how many words. But hey, I’m feeling generous today!

If you’re working in the creative industry here in Bangladesh, then chances are, you’ll be facing this kinda harassment very often. It begins with your superiors (especially those with no creative background) bugging you, because they love to “input” their ideas. Which, by the way, are totally worthless and have no real meaning to them. Then this starts to grow on your colleagues… And they start to give you “input”. It’s not their area of expertise, but hey… what harm can a mere “input” do, eh?

Well, for starters, this kinda “input” greatly undermines a person’s capability, skills and experience. When you’re constantly undervalued, you’ll start to feel unimportant to your work place and or organization. This will lead to decreased productivity and stress. Eventually, you’ll want to quit that job in search of a better opportunity, because well, your purpose of being there is defeated.

Another scenario is where, you either explode on their faces and get fired, or implode and become depressed. You see, no good comes out of this “input”.

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