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The Inevitable Fall

In my nine years working in the creative industry, I’ve seen a lot of shit go down. One of them, is seeing Titanic hitting an iceberg and sinking (at least in the movie). Also, Titanic sounds more like satanic, and the owner of Titanic said something along the lines of “not even God himself could sink this ship”… We all know how that ended—over confidence is never a good thing.


In the early years of my career, I had ambitions high as the stars, an attitude like Joseph Bruce Ismay and a bunch of associates. Little did I know, that my confidence will be the fall of my empire, but I guess—I had to learn it the hard way. Of course, the cost was too great, except in my scenario, I didn’t claim thousands of people’s lives on a ship in the middle of nowhere. However, my business was ruined because my attitude drove my associates to part ways with me. All because I thought I knew what I was doing. Heed my words, confidence is just a piece of greesy shit, without real experience and discipline, you’re no better than a monkey in a zoo, sitting on a tree branch, peeling a banana while thinking, the other side of the bars is the cage.

I’ve worked with many startup companies, freelancers and clients. Some were seriously difficult to deal with, and some were really nice people and I’d gladly work with them again. You see, I’d never work with the ones who gave me a hard time, not even if they offered more money. That’s human nature, we’re hardwired to dislike and avoid people who cause us feelings of discomfort. Which is exactly how I made my associates feel by pretending to know it all, whereas I didn’t know shit. I then had to worked with various types of assholes in different aspects of the industry to gain knowledge and understand what I was lacking. It took me a fair amount of time and effort, to reach where I am today.

This hype you hear and read about entrepreneurial stuff, which is supposed to inspire you and shit, is just fairy dust I tell you. Not everyone is Elon Musk, who failed multiple times and nearly went bankrupt once, before he stepped into the spot light.

If you’re running a business or a project, take it from me, don’t try to be a smart-ass, especially when you have no proven background in the field that you’re working on and just remember three important things.

  • Over confidence is never a good thing.
  • Confidence alone is not gonna get you success, real experience beats everything.
  • Don’t cause feelings of discomfort to your team or the people your business depends on.


Still think the other side of the bars is the cage?

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Mustafa is a multidisciplinary designer with a decade's worth of experience in the industry. Passionate about design, video games and some other stuff including coffee and cats.

(4) Comments

  1. Tamim says:

    this is some deep shit ma man….. loved reading it. also hated it because its true and keeps messin wit my daily work. Keep it up ma man, we need peopel like you to educate other s or at least raise awareness. pop!

    1. Thank you, kind sir (read that in a Brit accent). Your comment is appreciated, could be more of a help if you spread the love.

  2. Alomgir bhuiyan says:

    Ths sounds like my boss…… he’s always up in my ass tellin g me what to do and how. He is not designer i am dthe designer. why fuck he hire me i don’t know. If he knpw everything then why he need me in office??? right?

    1. My advice to you, bro. Just find a job elsewhere and quit your current job in a peaceful manner. No matter what you do, these type of people will never understand the creative process. Reading your comment, gives me the feeling, that you’re already stressed and fed up with your boss. Don’t hurt your well being, keep calm and search for a better job.

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