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Al Amin Garments Re-Branding

Recently, I was given an interesting project. I say interesting, because the actual design was… Let’s just say old and out of trend. It was a complete revamp of the brand, that included the logo as well.

This was the actual receipt I was given. From it, you should be able to guess what or how it looked like.

Thank God, I was given the freedom to choose the color scheme. It helped graciously with the design process. Since this was a women’s garments and hijab store, I chose a deep navy blue to indicate royalty, with an accent of golden, which indicates compassion, wisdom, illumination and grandeur. Why choose these properties? It seems, the owner is a practicing muslim and even named his business after an Islamic term, Al Amin — meaning the trusted one. So it seemed logical to connect these dots. But enough with the rant, let’s see what I’ve been able to put together.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… The new face of Al Amin Garments.

Shopping Bag
Business Card
Money Receipt
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