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I find it ironic, that a nation that celebrates its own language day doesn’t pay the due respect other languages deserve.

I’ve been living here in Dhaka, Bangladesh, for the last six years and as I always say… It’s been a wonderful experience getting myself shocked and astonished at how the people of Bangladesh operate as well as communicate. Especially when it comes to English — They don’t know any other languages at all.

The Wanna-be Britishers

Often seen imitating the Brit accent (in their own made up way), but when you bring in a real Brit, they seem to understand very little of English.

The Capitalizers

This one’s my favorite of the bunch. It seems, Bangladeshis have developed this strange mental limitation, where they can’t keep up with grammar, even after graduating from well-known universities. For some weird and unknown reason, they believe capitalizing the first letter of a word that they think is important, will beautify a written content.

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The American Who’s Never Been to the US

This particular one is a rare breed. Not much info on this one, but trust me when I say this… Too much bro is involved and speaks Bangla with an American accent.

The Banglafier

This one is by far, the most famous and common you’ll see here in Bangladesh. They have this unique pronunciation of English words using Bangla phonetics. See the table below, you’ll know what I mean.

English WordBangla Pronunciation
VehicleBhi-hai-kel / Bhi-hee-kal
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