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3 Pros and Cons of Being Selfish

This list is based on real life experiences. Some called me a red devil (with a pointy tail sticking out of the butt), while others saw me as a glowing saint (with that shiny golden halo floating above the head). I needed both the experiences to know the true meaning of balance, which allowed me to write this note (which probably nobody will read).

Showing the Finger to Everyone (Not Literally)

The best thing about this care-free approach is that you live a stress-free life and never held accountable by people for any misfortune caused to anyone around. However, the downside to this is the fact, that not many people will value you or find you very little to not important at all. If you’re lucky enough, you won’t get any favors from anyone because you’ve never done the same for them. Worst case scenario, you end up showing the finger (literally) to yourself standing in front of a mirror, because now you realize the extent of the damage you’ve caused.

Placing Yourself at the Top of the Pyramid

Loving yourself is not a crime and nor is it a sin. We love some people more than others and we prioritize them accordingly. If you prioritize yourself the most, then chances are your mom tells you to go buy a big bottle of milk from the grocery and you bring home the smaller bottle. Apparently, because you saved some money to buy a snack on the way back. Once confronted by your mom, you suddenly become a brutal lawyer and win the case instantly, because you’re the victim, the lawyer and the judge in this case. This approach brings about a self-satisfaction (you feel like a super hero to yourself, one wearing the underwear outside), but pushes away friends and family, possibly because nobody likes the Pharaoh.

Become the Silent Ninja

This one’s my favorite and the riskiest. You basically develop the skills to feed people shit without them knowing (imagine what they’ll do to you when they find out). In other words, you simply guide people (through the power of words) to believing, you’re incapable of what they ask you to accomplish. For example, your buddy Hiro-san asks you to lend him a few a shurikens, and you dramatically begin telling him how the feud between Naruto and Sasuke that left the whole series boring as hell. Directing Hiro-san’s attention towards a greater problem than his own. This method is extremely useful and will always keep you safe in the shadows… but of course comes with extreme drawbacks too. If you’re caught betraying their trust, they’ll probably make you do Harakiri or something. Simply put, falsehood is bound by it’s nature to perish when the truth arrives. No matter how well you fabricate stuff, there will always be someone with skills far superior than yours. Once the person finds out the truth, the relationship will sustain a huge damage, which probably will take a lifetime to repair.

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