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A friend of mine informed me the other day, that her friend used to work for Bitopi, which happens to be some sort of tree. But that’s not what her friend worked for, don’t be silly… it’s a marketing agency named after a tree in a desperate attempt to being recognized as a creative agency.

I was letting her know how I made a mansion by stacking up bread crumbs, she’s a smart woman and immediately understood me and referred me to this unholy vacancy. However, my first concern was why her friend left the job? Bitopi is supposedly one of the top agencies in Bangladesh. It sure sounded dodgy as hell, but if you know me personally, then you know my occasional adventurous side.

Without pondering further, I applied for the job. Two weeks or so later, I was called for an interview. I went to attend it, only to find out it was a test and had nothing to do with an interview or whatsoever. They didn’t ask me anything at all, not even a good ol‘ “how are you?”. The first thing I noticed upon entering their office, was the Mac computers. They were probably 3-5-year-old models, but still… You don’t get to see this setup in Bangladesh very often. The second thing I noticed was the amount of mess and untidy walls and floor, which gave me a strong vibe that the management doesn’t give a shit about cleanliness.

Although the office was filled with Mac’s, they settled me with an old broken Windows PC with a broken ass monitor that displayed weird colors (it showed their insecurity and how little faith they had in their candidates). I immediately knew this was a nightmare and tried to wake myself up. Sadly though, it was real and not a dream. The third thing that caught my attention was how the seniors were acting all bossy and scolding a guy in front of everyone. An excellent display of ego playing the role of an asshole.

I was given a task with incomplete information (again, it showed their incompetence and lack of professionalism), they wanted a print-related design and a gif animation based on the same design. I didn’t bother asking any details either and just started working on a sample. Once I was done, one of the seniors came by, he didn’t think it was important to introduce himself and started giving me orders. This was another indication of how uneducated and unprofessional they were in their conduct. The guy asked me to output an mp4 file instead of the gif. I did what I was asked to do and quickly left the office after showing them my saved files.

I now know, why my friend’s friend had left this job.

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  1. RedRose says:

    So sad to read this. I know talented brothers sittin gworkless. Because same issue what you describe here.

    1. Indeed a sad reality.

  2. 123123 says:

    This is bangladesh

  3. silvermoss says:

    i applied waiting for interview

    1. Haha, wish you the best.

  4. nawab says:

    Shame I never expect bitopi like this…….. thanks for imformation!!!!

    1. Very welcome, my good chum.

  5. suleman molla says:

    wow,, vai tik bolechen amio gechilam interview dite,, onek noongra obosta

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